• Façade cladding with perforated corten steel panels and mirrors made of stainless steel sheet.
  • Laminated glass façade with an overprint. Well visible pattern from emalit glass applied on the glass surface by means of a thermal treatment
  • Façade covered with glass and Alucobond panels installed on aluminium frames
  • Façade cladding with glass panels installed on aluminium frames
  • Façade cladding with Alucobond plates with insulation
  • Façade cladding with corten steel panels.
  • Façade cladding with corten steel cassettes.
  • Façade covered with powder painted aluminium plates
  • Façade covered with white marble elements mounted to galvanized steel frame
  • Balcony with glass floor and frameless glass balustrade hanging on steel profiles under the roof.
  • Balcony stainless steel glass balustrade toughened glass filling. On balconies moveable screens for privacy, wind and sun protection made of steel and wood
  • Bent at cold, steel balustrades with arching aluminium boards in front of them on balconies.
  • Copper door and façade with covering elements made of copper sheet mounted to a metal frame built in the wall
  • Balustrade made of galvanized, powder painted steel with bar infill and sun breaker, from the same material, above the top floor balconies.

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