1. Contracted work: Design, manufacture and installation of:
    1. glass partition walls with slide door in stainless steel system,
    2. terraces built on a steel frames with steel balustrade and flooring,
    3. glass swinging door

Customer: A restaurant owner

Year: 2014

  • Glass partition wall in stainless steel system with all-glass slide door
  • Glass walls in stainless steel system, the closer one wall for partitioning and the farther one exterior.
  • Terraces built on a steel frame with picket steel balustrade with bar infill; the farther one with mesh steel flooring and the closer one with glass plate flooring
  • Terrace built on a steel frame, picket balustrade from galvanized, powder painted steel profiles with bar infill, mesh steel flooring
  • All-glass swinging door mounted to the wall in pivoting system.

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