Our History

GML System is a successor company of a well established, based in Krakow, Poland, family owned construction services company Lechowicz S.C., with traditions going back over 30 years.

Our Goals

Continuing traditions of our predecessor, we specialize in custom-design, manufacture and installation of steel and glass construction elements.

We carry out construction projects in which we play the role of designer, manufacturer, and supplier of construction elements made of steel and glass, and in particular:

  • balustrades and handrails made of galvanized steel, stainless steel, with steel or glass infill, frameless glass balustrade,
  • canopy roofs, glass roofs, glass conservatory, roof glazing, glass roofing with all necessary support steel constructions,
  • high quality facade architectural elements from steel and glass, atypical facade cladding, with steel - corten, aluminium - alucobond, glass - EMALIT glass patterns,
  • glass door, glass walls, windows and doors in steel and aluminium systems,
  • stairs of all kinds from steel, optionally galvanized, and stainless steel with wooden elements

Our product portfolio is complemented by fences and gates, designed and manufactured by the company Rakstal with which we've cooperated on many projects with success. Fences and gates for both home and garden and business (industry) are on offer. Emphasis is put on tailor-made fencing solutions with ​​cantilever (self-supporting) sliding gates, a CE-certified product.

Having construction engineers in our staff, we are a solution provider for complex design tasks, such as strength calculations, and prepare energy certificates.


We offer the following services:

  • free advise - just call if you wish to discuss an idea or potential project,
  • guidance on all aspects of product selection:

    our web site www.gmlsystem.eu has been designed to assist clients in the selection process. It contains a catalogue of construction types in the form of photo galleries with sample solutions taken from our real life projects as well as presentation of sample projects organized in offers for different target groups: home owner, business owner and architect.

  • free of charge cost estimate based on provided quantity survey,
  • custom-design - we act in all ways to ensure that your construction is designed to meet your needs precisely,
  • manufacture in our workshop,
  • delivery to your location,
  • on site installation service, if required.


There are picture galleries of reference projects presented in the portal which were divided taking into account the target groups: home owners, architects, small businesses. Besides, examples of solutions from the reference projects were grouped into various construction elements: balustrades, roofs, doors, stairs, facades etc.

Product prices, inquiries and orders

Galleries serve to show our designs, abilities and inspire customers. They present our solutions and potential products.

However, the customer may order a made-to-measure, individual solution of his own design and is not restricted to examples from our galleries. View our galleries for inspiration on what you can do. And even if one of our sample solutions is ordered, individual desires to furnishings, color etc. are considered.

Based on construction elements such as balustrades, roofs, canopies, conservatories, façades, stairs and gates products were defined and displayed in the form of a product price list.

The presentation below, consisting of collages with photos from our projects, shows areas we are active in.

Target groups for our projects

We provide a broad range of services in the area of our expertise, which, as far as materials are concerned, is steel and glass.

However, depending on the size of the project our participation may vary so we address our offer to the target groups: home owners, architects, small businesses.

Home owners
Small businesses